Staying in touch: GDPR, membership and social purpose

Date and time: Tuesday 25th February 2020, 10am – 4pm
Location: Taunton, venue TBC
Course leader: Chris Funnell, Co-operative Assistance Network Limited

This workshop is aimed at people with responsibilities for ensuring that their co-operative / social enterprise is legally compliant and acting with due regard for best practice in data security for their own Members, workers, customers, clients and partners.

Click to download the course information sheet.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Analyse the requirements of their own organisation to conform to legislation and good practice
  • Produce and implement a data security policy and implementation plan
  • Produce and implement a privacy policy
  • Produce and implement inquiries and complaints policy.

Key resources to cascade to your team:

  • Plain English introduction
  • Model policies and procedures

Chris Funnell is Data Protection Controller for his own Co-operative Society, taking responsibility for developing and planning the implementation of all the processes listed above. He has provided consultancy for large membership community share issuing organisations and for organisations trading in areas where sensitive personal data may need to be held. His focus has been on helping organisations develop affordable plans to get to a position of confidence.

“Very helpful. Put clarity on even the most basic things I hadn’t thought of. Feel supported.”