Marketing and product development

Date and time: Tuesday 17th March 2020, 10am – 4pm
Location: Taunton , venue TBC
Course leader: Chris Funnell, Co-operative Assistance Network Limited

This workshop/course suitable for anyone with leadership responsibilities within a co-operative and/or social enterprise and needs to contribute to its sustainable development by ensuring that it interacts effectively with its market environment.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Define marketing role(s), job descriptions, time budgets
  • Define markets, identify and understand target customers, channels and intermediaries
  • Create a strategy for market retention and development
  • Ensure products and services packages are appropriate to the customers
  • Maximise the conversion of prospects into sales
  • Equip yourself with appropriate marketing messages and resources.

Key resources to cascade to your team:

  • Sales projection tool
  • Guidelines on how to ensure customer needs are understood and met
  • Guidelines on how to ensure internal learning is maximised and continuous improvement in service delivery supports market development.

Chris Funnell is Marketing Director for a Co-operative Enterprise now trading for more than thirty years, Networking Manager for a Credit Union and leading a project to enable a cluster of social enterprises to form consortia and bid for contracts with the statutory sector. For decades a refusenik who would do anything to avoid working in Marketing he is now absolutely committed to getting process nailed and committed to ensuring that his employer has ever-increasing opportunity to maximise social impact and its workers are both secure in their employment and engaged with work they want to do.

It has helped me develop a much clearer picture of what we need to be doing over the next year to establish our work and our client-base. I feel really encouraged and excited about our prospects, and energised to get on with it.”