How to coach and mentor to bring out the best

in you and others

Date and time: Wednesday 6th May 2020, 10am – 4pm
Location: Taunton, venue TBC
Course Leader: Mark Hughes, mch: positive impact

You will develop the techniques required to help you and those you coach to reach greater clarity on important goals. The concept of coaching is clarified, together with how it differs from other management techniques and other potential relationships, such as mentoring. The foundation skills for great coaching are also outlined. These include emotional intelligence and active listening.

The classic GROW coaching model is then used to illustrate how structured questioning can help someone reach a resolution, or gain clarity on a particular issue. To embed learning, you will observe a coaching session and practice being both a coach and coachee. These exercises will also give you ample opportunity to examine broader communication techniques, such as active listening, giving and receiving feedback and body language.

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By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Appreciate the value of coaching and mentoring and how they differ from other approaches to working with others
  • Coach yourself and others, using the classic GROW coaching model, to bring clarity to where there has been confusion
  • Apply powerful supporting skills such as active listening and tuning into body language.

Key resources to cascade to your team:

  • Improved methods of decision making
  • New approaches to motivating yourself and others to act
  • Tools to encourage autonomy and a feedback culture

Mark Hughes has coached and mentored individuals and teams professionally since founding the staff development company mch: positive impact in 2005. mch: positive impact is based in the South West and works almost exclusively with charities, social enterprises, co-operatives and non-profits.

Mark has coached and mentored people in a multitude of different roles: CEOs, senior managers, fundraisers, board members, grant givers, students, teachers and social entrepreneurs. Some have been part of very large organisations, whilst others have been sole practitioners. They have worked in a whole array of areas, from sports clubs to hearing loss, musical inclusion to reducing drug and alcohol dependence. A myriad of issues have been discussed and acted upon during and between sessions.

Mark’s passion for coaching and mentoring stems from two very different ‘past lives’. Prior to founding mch: positive impact, Mark was Chief Executive of Rumbalara, an Australian Indigenous sporting and community development organisation. When he joined Rumbalara, the organisation was on the brink of insolvency. Furthermore, he had only a rudimentary understanding of indigenous culture and the local area. Fortunately, Rumbalara’s Elders saw the need for mentoring and coaching and, as a result, Mark’s working life became much easier, effective and enjoyable. This in turn helped make life outside of work far more pleasant too.

Prior to Rumbalara, Mark was a consultant at the management consultancy firm McKinsey&Company. As part of their professional development, McKinsey encouraged peer-mentoring. The value of such mentoring is shown by the fact that, nearly 20 years later, Mark’s peer mentor and he still provide each other with mentoring support.


“Thank you so much … it gave me confidence in my thought processes.”

“It was the best training course I have taken part in. Thoroughly interesting and very helpful, not just for coaching and mentoring, but also from a personal point of view.”

“Very useful day, which has changed my views about the value of coaching and my ability to do it.”

“I feel like I’ve been let into a secret for life!”