Jamie Veitch shares some useful insights on approaching public sector and private contracts.

Jamie Veitch

The public sector awarded over £700 million pounds worth of outsourced contracts in the last three months.

54% of social enterprises trade with the public sector. But many, perhaps your social enterprise, do not. Yet local authorities and the government want to award more contracts to social enterprises and small businesses.

“So what,” you might say. “We don’t have a chance of winning. It’ll take too long to bid, it’s rigged and they know who they want to award it to. There’s no point.” And if that is what you think, you’re wrong.

Many social enterprises already have public sector contracts which they won in a competitive process. They deliver a service well, create social value, earn income and get paid on time (yes, within statutory 30 day payment terms). And they must have started somewhere. They responded to invitations to tender.

Let’s face it, you will never win a public sector contract if you don’t bid for it.

So if you hear ACME-corporation is doing something you know your social enterprise could be doing better… well, it probably sticks in the craw.

But if you didn’t bid: that’s your problem. And if you submitted a bid without planning it properly, that’s also your problem.

I believe values-driven, purpose-led business is changing the world. I think exemplary social enterprises which deliver outstanding services, creating positive impacts and opportunities, should secure contracts.

But numerous brilliant social entrepreneurs still struggle with bid writing. Or avoid it altogether.

That’s why I’ve written a guide to help social entrepreneurs win tenders, which seems to have been really well received by its readers. And that’s why I’m running this workshop.

If you want to grow your social enterprise by winning appropriate public sector contracts, it will help you. Whether you’re new to bidding OR an experienced bidder but want to do better, the workshop will help you to:

• Understand the context in which public service contracts are put out to tender
• Know the numbers: the scale and value of outsourcing in the UK
• Strengthen your organisation so you are ready and fit to bid
• Find invitations to tender for public sector contracts
• Understand the pros and cons of bidding and how to decide whether to respond
• Learn how to use procurement portals
• Understand how contracting authorities evaluate bids
• Decide what to do if you’re part of a collaborative response and you think you might be “bid candy”
• Get to grips with the implications of the Social Value Act
• Plan, assemble and write a great bid
• Win or lose, learn from the process

Click here to find out more about the course Jamie is leading ‘Win public sector and private contracts – ‘tender ready’ not ‘bid-candy’’, Thursday 5th December 2019, 10am – 4pm, Taunton.

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