About Cascade

courses for public, charitable and social enterprise

Cascade Training is a regular programme of specialist, advanced training for the third sector and statutory bodies taking place in Taunton and around the South West. 'Cascade' refers to our belief that the skills and knowledge gained on our courses should be well suited to sharing and dissemination throughout the trainee's teams and partners; co-operative principles of tranparency, inclusivity and building common wealth are distinctive features of our content.

SCS CIC, which delivers the Cascade courses, is a Co-operative Development Body: we are members of the national CDB network, and of  South West Co-op Support.

We are also a Community Interest Company with co-operative rules. Because we are a CIC, our assets are protected and can only be used to achieve our mission - we don't distribute profits, nor can we be taken over, shut down, or turned into something radically different.

We are a co-operative of service users - if you are a client of ours, or a co-op based in the South West, you are entitled to  join as a full member . Our members elect a committee at Annual General Meetings and are ultimately responsible for where we go in the future. 

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